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RMRI002  Touchdown To another world ep Dany Rodriguez invites Dj Surgeles

Grab your copy : 👇…/Various-Artists-…/id/156601
Release sheet:

Dany Rodriguez RMR sub label, RMR Invitational (or RMRI), was launched last year as an avenue for Dany to deliver tracks alongside an artist of his choosing. Following Ben Long who was invited to join Dany on the labels inaugural release, is DJ Surgeles for the concept labels second EP. DJ Surgeles (Hollands Kole Leijen) started playing and making Techno in 1998. Hes taken his vinyl only DJ sets to hundreds of parties throughout his career with sets at Awakenings and Tresor being particular highlights for him. As well as running his own label, U.F.F. Records he has released on a host of others including Belief System, Diffuse Reality, Nasty Temper, Repressure, Trabet, Dancefloor Killers, Achromatiq, Skarn Division, Switch Off and most notably, Jeff Mills Axis Records. On `Touchdown To Another World EP DJ Surgeles and Belgiums Dany Rodriguez become a production tag-team laying down 4 tracks apiece that run back to back. Techno and Outer Space have always been happy companions and this EP is no exception, with the duo taking the cues from astronomical exploration with celestial sounds and Deep Space(d) out beats.



● Truncate : Solid tunes, thanks! (Zync)
● DVS1 : DOPE!! (Signal from another world)
●  Ben Sims : Digging ‘Lithosphere’ the most, thx! (Lithosphere)
● Angel Molina : Always into ‘futuristic’ Mills-esque sound, ‘Signal From Another World’ and ‘Lithosphere’ as my fav tracks on this release. (Signal from another world)
● Bryan Zentz : Yes! Great cinematic / sci-fi action here. Thanks. (Expo 97)
● Dustin Zhan : This is incredibly good! There’s some really nice tracks here. Can’t wait to play it out this weekend 🙂
● Jonas Kopp : Killer! Thanks. (Lithosphere)
● Paul Mac : Comments: Nice Millsian sounds. Definitely some useful tracks here for me. (Expo 97)

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Grab your copy : 👇

Release sheet:

Following last year’s “Galaxies Compared” album, Belgium’s Dany Rodriguez shows he is not a man to rest on his laurels as he prepares the follow up this summer, ‘D’Visions’. Recording for over a decade and having released a series of EPs for labels such as Kombination Research, MBR, Bush, MB Elektronics, Bulletdodge and Phobiq, Dany Rodriguez now runs his own RMR label, where his techno and electronic sound has developed and flourished into new collaborations and larger projects.

Whilst much ‘big room’ techno can deliver a punch devoid of feeling, Dany Rodriguez builds his tracks around warmth and emotion. For example, the album is book-ended by the subtle ebb and flow of the opening ‘Natural Symphony’ and the closing Detroit string-inspired ‘December’. Both are full of delicate, synapse-tingling triggers that highlight his ambition as a producer to work both on and off the dance floor.Of course, Dany’s natural territory lies in the rhythm and groove of a sweaty club where we can find the majority of the album. ‘Acid Tribute’ builds into a bubbling 303 refrain that pushes and pulls between the twisted bassline, ‘D Funk’ takes a staccato house beat and asks ‘Where’s the New Jack?’ whilst bringing in glorious jazz motifs and the minimal, dirt trodden rawness of ‘Texture’ gives a healthy nod to Robert Hood’s stripped-down aesthetic.Then we have the bizarre spaced-oddity that is ‘Oscilo 8’ where Dany pushes furthest to the outer reaches, delivering something truly strange and unique whilst ‘D Visions’ takes us back to the driving intensity of the dance floor. Dany tips his hat to the realm of electro on ‘Tell Me When You Are Ready’ and the shimmering pads on ‘Deep Morning’ are a perfect 6am moment from the master of melody.



● BBC RADIO UK – RODGER HILL play (Oscilo 8 Dany Rodriguez)
● Truncate :Really solid stuff, thanks!
● Angel Molina : Great varied release, classic / timele ss feel on these tracks. ‘Natural Symphony’,
● Fabrice Lig : Love ‘D-Funk’! Nice one! Deep & beautiful. ‘Deep Morning’ is really great too. Really nice album!
● Jonas Kopp :Some interesting stuff here, thanks.

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rmr009.1 OK EPM

RMR009.1 Three Ways EP including Alexander kowalski remix”

+Buy it at:

Juno Download:


release sheet :

The latest EP by Belgium’s Dany Rodriguez arrives before his next album ‘D’Visions’due for release in June. Proving to be a prolific artist, his two original tracks on this ‘Three Ways EP’ are exclusive to the release.
Recording for over a decade and having released a series of EPs for labels such as Kombination Research, MBR, Bush, MB Elektronics, Bulletdodge and Phobiq, Dany Rodriguez now runs his own RMR label, where his techno and electronic sound has developed and flourished into new collaborations and larger projects.
The latest EP opens with ‘1 Way’, a deep and undulating techno track that delivers dancefloor clout without being devoid of emotion, a trait which Dany is fast becoming renowned for in his work. For this same reason, ‘Deep Harmony’ is aptly titled. Its dappled structure is both … and expressive.
The EP also features a remix by German Techno legend, Alexander Kowalski who is no stranger to Dany’s productions having previously remixed ‘Galaxies Compared’ taken from Rodriguez’s 2016 album of the same name. Here his remix of ‘Deep Harmony’ while remaining true to the original at first, gradually experiments with quivering noise elements that shiver and echo beneath.

Some early cool reactions:

● Dan Curtin : Diggin the dark atmosphere of ‘1 Way’, nice and trippy.

● The Hacker : ‘Deep Harmony’ is really nice.

● Mr Jones : Nice hypnotic sounds in ‘1 Way’.

● Truncate : Very nice, thanks! Deep harmony

● Paul Mac : Liking the semi Millsian vibes of ‘1 Way’.

● Len Faki : “playing for sure a bunch of them but I’ll go mostly with One Way


RMR008 (D’story remix) by Mark Broom

The absolute legend Mark Broom delivered a stunning remix for Dany Rodriguez‘s D’Story. Get your copies now at:

Juno Download:

Some reactions & support

● Alan Fitzpatrick -This is cool! Will defo play for sure. Thx.
● Umek – Wow. ( D story ) original
● Steve Rachmad – Always a big fan of Mark’s stuff
● Adam Beyer – Very tasty Broom remix!
● Gary Beck – “classy stuff from mark here!”
● Jonas Kopp -“excellent! thanks.”
● Len Faki – “support. thX < LF”
● Slam – “will spin these thanx”
● The Advent – “great work mark.. hard hitting jacking shit..”

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Kris Needs Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

RMR010 D VISIONS LP reviewed by Kris Needs Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

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Dave Clarke chart RMR006 withe noise 553

Capture d’écran 2017-11-14 à 12.06.29

Dave Clarke chart : Dany Rodriguez  System R – RMR006

Listen here :

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RMR009  Explore your mind EP

Grab your copy : 👇

●Dave Clarke: ”Solid material, thanks
●Jonas Kop: ”your mind!
●Luigi Madonna: ”Nice EP thanks!
●Electric Rescue :” your mind is the one thanks
●Dj Mag Germany : ”nice!!!


Release sheet:

Dany Rodriguez is on his finest form lately and so is we, his child, #RMR seeing ourselves running unstoppably hand-to-hand like a mad techno train with nothing seem to be able to slow us down. On our 9th instalment, label boss offers 2 fresh and thrilling #techno productions in the form of ‘’Explore EP’’. #Techno is an infinite universe – come and explore it with us 😉

Buy it at:

Juno Download:

Stream on Spotify

Check the review from Marcus on Mixmag

RMRI 002

wicked style review

Bogota Post Colombia


LINK Festiva reviewed by (The Bogota Post) Colombia

See below :

Dany Rodriguez live recorded in Bogota Colombia 16 september 2017

Watch here >>>  h

Check the review from Marcus on Mixmag


RMRI001 Intergalactic frequencies chapter 1 Dany Rodriguez invites Ben Long

Grab your copy : 👇

● ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK : Played Dany Rodriguez ‘Cosmos’ in his latest mix on SoundCloud
And featured on Clubbing Spain

●Truncate: Phat tracks

●Marco Bailey- Full spport! X

●DJ 3000 (UR) : Nice project

●Ben Sims : I’ll try thx!

Check the review from Marcus on Mixmag

Capture d’écran 2017-11-14 à 11.24.51

RMR006 Galaxies Compared LP

Cool reactions:

● Rolando : D’story , Landscapes , Elium , ‘Labyrinth & Pluton are the sh !!! Will be playing these out loads!!!

● DJ 3000 : Solid album, Dany!

● Kaiserdisco – “Great Album! Pluton and System R are the ones for us! Full KD support!”

● DVS1 : ”Interesting”

● Pascal Feos- “!!! hypnotizing!”

● Dave Clarke : ‘System R’ works for me.

● Paul Mac : A lot of interesting trippy dance floor and home listening tunes here plenty to get stuck into.
Good stuff.

● Drumcell – ”Good work”


Grab your copy :

Check the review from Marcus on Mixmag



RMR007 Galaxies Compared remixes EP Including remixes from Alexander Kowalski and Ben Long

Cool reactions:

● Dave Clarke : Play ( november Ben Long remix) withe noise episode 566

● Dj Emerson: (Find the way) for me!

● Sasha Carassi : Alex remix for me!

● Rebeca Tresor : Find the way for me!!

● Marco bailey : Full support ! x


Grab your copy

Check the review from Marcus on Mixmag


Len Faki Open his set @ Awakenings with 'Landscapes'' RMR006

Len Faki opening his set @ Awakenings Festival with ”Landscapes” Dany Rodriguez on RMR006 ( Galaxies Compared LP)


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Dany Rodriguez (LIVE) Bogota Colombia LINK Festival